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A "bar date" is the last date a claimant may file a claim with an insolvent insurance company.  After that date the claimant is "barred" from filing further claims.  An "insolvency date" is the date the court order of insolvency was signed.
Residents of Tennessee (at date of loss) seeking information may contact the numbers below with regard to claims handled by Tennessee Insurance Guaranty Association. Our business hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CDT Monday-Friday.

For claims information, contact TIGA at :

Phone:  (615) 242-6839
Fax:  (615) 255-4471 or (615) 255-4960





On August 1, 2006, the District Court in Travis County Texas declared the Vesta Fire Insurance Corporation insolvent and ordered it liquidated.  This finding triggers the Tennessee Insurance Guaranty Association ("TIGA") for the following Tennessee admitted companies:  Vesta Fire Insurance Corporation, Shelby Casualty Insurance Company, The Shelby Insurance Company.

Injury and Property Loss claims for Tennessee policyholders and claimants will be handled by Berkley Risk Administrators. A Tennessee claim HOTLINE has been established to assist Tennessee residents until the actual claim files arrive.  If you have a current pending claim with any of the listed companies, you should call 1-866-902-2950.  If you prefer to contact Berkley Risk Administrators by e-mail, that address is BRACTN@berkleyrisk.com .




To inquire about an unearned premium, contact TIGA at (615) 242-6839.



TIGA statute with regard to Unearned Premiums:


56-12-120. Unearned premium claims.
(a) All obligations for unearned premium claims shall include only that amount of each covered claim which is in excess of two hundred fifty dollars ($ 250 ) and is less than ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000).
(b)1.Unearned premium claims arising out of workers' compensation policies shall be subject to the limitations of subsection (a).2.Unearned premium claims shall not include credit adjustments developed under retrospective rating plans.

Print TIGA UEP Proof of Claim Form.                        See notes regarding UEP on Insureds Page


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